What are SaaS professionals at Dropbox, Intuit, and Salesforce reading this week?

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We’ve scanned the Quibb network to collect what some of the industry’s best SaaS professionals from Dropbox, Intuit, and Salesforce have been reading so far this week. Check out these links to see what news informs how they do their job, which trends they’re following, and what topics they’re keeping up with.

Freemium isn’t the only option

If you’re going to be charging for your product… where do you start? Is freemium always the best model? A great case study shared by Walter Chen (CEO at idonethis), where Wistia CEO Chris Savage shares the process he used to build a compelling SaaS business and powerful revenue model.

“Monetize Backwards” to Build a SaaS Business That Lasts

Go niche, or go big — not both

Clement Vouillon (Marketing at Point Nine Capital) has been working on SaaS products for several years, before his current role at SaaS powerhouse investor Point Nine Capital. He wrote a great post this week on how SaaS scales, and the inflection point that occurs when you decide to go for lifestyle business, or massive growth.

From niche to global domination: Why it’s so f***ing hard to scale a SaaS for SMBs

SaaS on SaaS on SaaS

Tom Tunguz of Redpoint’s post was shared by Michael Rosengarten (CTO at OpenGov.com). It includes a great infographic , along with some commentary on the continued evolution — and increased fragmentation — in SaaS products. What does this mean for companies building out products somewhere in the SaaS ‘stack’, and the companies that buy those products?

The increasing fragmentation of SaaS

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