IMPORTANT: Please Read Before Creating your First Game

QuickApp Ninja
Jul 21, 2015 · 2 min read

This is very important! Read carefully!

99% of developers have their first quiz game REJECTED by Google Play. Google reviews apps before publication with an automatic process that looks for things like copyrighted images. If they find an infringement of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, they will reject the app.

To avoid rejection, please don’t simply copy and paste images from the internet. If you want to use images, you need to apply 2 filters: flip horizontally and apply some image effect.

Here is an example

In 80% of cases, the beginners decide to create a game such as “Guess the Celebrity”. They google celebrity pics and use the most popular one.

Here is what the process looks like…

Google “Miley Cyrus” and download a good-looking pic.

finding image for game Guess the Celebrity

Then insert the downloaded image as a level in the game

use google images not a good idea


When you upload this type of copyrighted image in a quiz game in Google Play , you will be 100% rejected! Instead of using the image as it is, just apply two filters using any photo editor.

We recommend you use =>

STEP 1: Flip horizontally

Flip horizontally

STEP 2: Apply effects

Press MENU and select FUN EFFECTS
Plumbago effect in action (EXAMPLE ONLY)

Use this modified pic in game content

Content with modified pics

Using these simple steps your images will past Google’s intellectual property check!

But we highly recommend you use this method only when you launch your game and test its popularity. When your game becomes popular, we advise you to hire an artist who will create content for your levels. You can find good but affordable artists in or

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