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Quick Code
May 19 · 3 min read

Hello everyone,

Today we want to share an update on our biggest change since we have launched. Quick Code started as a simple side project of a curated list of free programming courses for people like me who always want to learn new skills.

Over the 1.5 years, we have launched many new products to help our members to get the best learning experience & great start in their career. This includes:

  • Quick Code Plus
  • Quick Code Extension
  • Programming Guides
  • Engineering Blogs

In the last few months, we have also expanded to the new domain by launching:

  • Quick Design
  • Design Courses Tab

Along with that, we became the community of almost 5000 members that want to learn something new in their life. Thank you so much for being part of this 🙌.

Next Phase

Today, everyone is learning new skills on the internet instead of going the traditional way. The online learning is going beyond just programming or design. Whether you are learning marketing, cooking, music or any new things — all type of learning happens online.

During this journey, we realized that online learning is growing fast but it has a lot of problems of learning alone, leaving courses on the half way, stuck in the doubts, finding the right course.

With millions of courses available online, it is hard to pick the best courses for you to start. We want to help you in picking up the best courses that can kick start your career. We believe you should not waste time in finding a course, instead, you should spend your time on learning the new skills & growing your career.

In your learning journey, you may want to connect with other learners in the same space to get help or advice, need to keep track of your learning progress to stay accountable. We want to empower you to achieve your career goals.

Why Coursesity?

We want to create a place where you can find the best courses & connect with learned to learn from each other. Moving to Coursesity will help us to achieve this big vision. Our mission is getting bigger everyday. We are on the mission to create the best place for learners online on the earth and we want you to join us in this mission. Let’s do it together 🙏.

We are putting QuickCode & QuickDesign under new address:

Where are QuickCode & QuickDesign going?

They are not going anywhere. It is just another url. Everything will stay the same. You can use your current login credentials to access your accounts on Coursesity. All free courses are on the site. It is neatly engineered, so nothing will be lost.

What’s Next?

In a few weeks, we are rolling out lots of new things including new UI design, fast website experience, new courses categories and other new features to empower your online learning skills.

Also, two new teammates Nishant & Pankaj joined us to achieve this mission. They are working hard to make your learning experience amazing 👏.


What do you think of it? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or by comments. Want to listen to your feedback. Seriously, we can’t build this without you. Please please please let us know what you think, the good and the bad, what sucks, what’s awesome, what needs to stay and what we can all compromise on letting go of :)

Quick Code

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A list of best courses to learn programming, web, mobile, chatbot, AR/VR development, database management, data science, web design and cryptocurrency.

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