How to Buy Bitcoin

Using An App

“I’m still not sure what a Bitcoin is, but I own one.” Kenn Bosak




noun: bitcoin; plural noun: bitcoins; noun: BTC; plural noun: BTCs

a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

Buying a bitcoin wasn’t as hard as I feared it’d be. It was as simple as buying an iTunes album. The hardest part was deciding which wallet to use. A wallet is like a bitcoin bank, where you can buy, sell, and safely store bitcoins. The wallet I went with was Coinbase, for a few reasons. The main reason Coinbase was my wallet of choice was, it’s on both Apple iOS and Android OS. The next reason was it’s got some really good reviews, and another big reason why was this app was published back in 2014, they have a longer history then the other apps. With more users, longer history and numerously more positive reviews then my other options Coinbase was a hard decision made easy.

Never invest more than you can financially risk losing. Bitcoin should be considered a high risk asset.

After you install Coinbase there’re a few super easy steps to take before you can start, much like a bank.

  1. Photo of ID (front & back)
  2. link debit card or bank account
  3. Link phone number (via text)
  4. Buy Bitcoins

Couldn’t be easier.

Just like using any new app, there’s a learning curve to it. My personal hurdle was linking my phone number, and not showing patience with waiting for the text with the code to come. I normally have problems with stuff like this for example Uber, because I use a VoIP service. Anyway I skipped the enter code screen and a second later the code is delivered. So I navigated to the settings menu and found the link my number section. The problem was “numbers already been linked”. The fix was easy.

  1. Remove the phone number
  2. Link number again
  3. Wait… wait.. Wait for it.
  4. Enter code.

Before You Signup

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super easy to buy! just sign up, add card, buy!

Please Donate Bitcoin, Thank You!

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