Newsletter #1

Quick Fix Family

Steve, Bill, Kenn

Owner, Bill Slater

The owner, Bill Slater, started this business almost 3yrs ago this September 2015 and the locals have embraced his service’s when compared to the feeling of buying a new or replacement device. Having the itch to fix is own mistakes when braking his electronics, Bill’s family and friends soon started turning to him for help in a pinch. After obtaining the proper skill and hands on experience with today’s technology he then decided to open his store front Quick Fix Smartphone & Tablet Repair and extend a helping hand to the world. If you ever have any technology related questions or repair inquiries he is always more then happy to do everything he can to help resolve your inconvenience.

Manager, Kenn Bosak

Kenn’s the one about to speak about him self in the third person, he promises to keep it modest. Working hands on with mobile devices in the repair industry for over 2yrs, Kenn has mastered the parts replacement field. Known for glass only repairs on all the Samsung galaxy devices, his skills have saved hundreds of people hundreds of dollars with impressive time and quality. He is the type of person to stay late for a customer, so never hesitate to ask him to wait a few minutes if your in a pinch or running late. Kenn writes the business news letter, records rebuild tutorials on YouTube and developed the Android App for QuickFixPhone, he stays busy to keep up with the ever evolving technology industry to best help you, the customer.

Master Board Level Technician, Steve Kramer

This mad evil scientist like character is the absolute best at what he does, and that’s just about everything under the sun. With over 15+ yrs exp. he has done it all. From fixing his own game consoles as a kid to being one of the few and best board level soldier technicians on this side of the United States. If you accidentally deleted beloved photos or business vital contacts, Steve Kramer is the name you need to know. He has recovered expired loved ones photos, non replaceable memories, business depending contacts numerous times on even non functional devices in the worse of conditions and against all odds. He never gives up with out trying every possible repair option before if ever calling it quits. Steve is our Pc, Mac, & all around software technician as well. Cleaning and speeding up your Pc or Mac is a same day turn around, depending on file size and severity of viruses. He also repairs tv’s and game consoles so if it’s electronic and it’s broke he’ll fix it, no joking.

116 walker ave West Berlin NJ 08091 856 809 0135

iPhone 6 tips

The iPhone 6 is Apple’s best attempt at competing in the phablet market, started and bestest by Samsung. Since most iPhone 6 users are new to the phablet world, here are a few tips to make it feel more familiar and comfortable.

Double Tap Home

To shrink the screen down to a reachable one handed means, just double tap the home button lightly, do not click the button fully. This is used to reach top menu tabs within apps with ease when using one hand.

Buy A Keyboard

The Apple stock keyboard is bonks, but luckily Apple’s new iOS 8+ opened the door for third party developers to upload keyboards onto the app store. Best so far is Swype, also best on Android.