Newsletter #2

The Quick Fix Warranty

Warranty vs Insurance

What does a warranty cover? Quality and longevity of an OEM part. OEM parts mean: original equipment manufacture. All of our parts come with this type of warranty which means you will have 3 months to insure the quality of the part we install during your OEM repair. We can not take all of the credit for this warranty, we have to pass the praise onto our OEM parts suppliers for offering us a 90 day return policy for all OEM replacement parts. We only buy the highest quality OEM parts, which explains why we may charge a few dollars more then your typical mall kiosk repairman. Saving a few dollars at the cost of a quality would only result in short term moment finical relief but could come at the cost of a lingering feeling of remorse.

Insurance, as opposed to a warranty, covers accidental damage that would otherwise void your manufacturer warranty. (This is typically purchased when you sign a new contact with your carrier and has its own downside.) Please handle your device with care post repair as any physical damage to the device will void our warranty as we are no longer able to return it to our our OEM supplier. Post repair some devices are more susceptible to being damage agin due to issues caused by the original damage such as bent frames, weakend logic boards, etc. We always suggest protecting your device with a case, tempered glass or preferably both to help prevent future damage. We carry some of the best protective accessories available or we can special order you something specific in 3 to 5 business days.

Glass Only vs Full LCD Repair

When dealing with the choice between a glass only repair and a full LCD replacement it comes down to cost vs. quality. With a glass only repair you are separating the factory bond between the glass and the LCD. This bond is created by optical adhesive keeping the glass perfectly placed and level for the most accurate touch response possible. Separating this bond to replace just the top colored glass could cause touch related issues due to the removal of the original optical adhesive. Not that it’s a deal-beaker for those who are trying to save some money over the cost of repalcing the full screen assembly as a skilled and carefull technician can most often avoid any issues. On the other hand replacing the LCD comes with a warranty, covering touch related as well as image related issues. Full LCD repairs guarantee like new functionality, comes with a 90 day warranty as long as there is no physical damage like cracks or water related issues. Glass only repairs do not hurt the trade in value with service providers for upgrades or returning a device at the end of a contract. However, the value of the device in a peer to peer transaction could be impacted choosing a glass only repair. So if quality and resale value are important then full LCD is the way to go. Ahh, just like new.

only $24.99 (labor only)

Water Damage Repair

With water damage its almost always 50/50 odds it’ll work, properly without permeant issues. If resurrection is possible and no replacement parts are necessary for the repir the cost is $49.99 for basic labor and diagnostics. When it comes to expired devices beyond repair the cost is only $19.99. Otherwise its based off cost os parts and additional labor, if any are needed. Some precautions are, don’t take your device into the shower, don’t put your phone in your back pocket and use a ziplock bag poolside.

Handle With Care

A case and temper’d glass screen protecter would be the best investment you could make in protecting your device, especially after a repair. Also look into FlyGrip.Com for the best case alternative / case attachment available, for those who want anti drop protection.

LifeProof vs OtterBox

LifeProof is a destination case. For example, if your going to be around water for a long period like the beach, pool, hot tube or sauna, then you obviously want water protection. Just make sure you follow the water proof protection test instructions before banking on its gimmick. OtterBox offers the best in drop protection with no gimmicks. So when your land clubbing for the most part then this is the case for you. The OtterBox Defender is the mid level of case protection offered by OtterBox and its 6ft drop texted compared to LifeProof’s 3ft text.

More Phone Care Tips

So you got a new device, and signed a 2yr contract for a discounted price. That means you have 2yrs till your next up grade, and coincidentally that phone only came with a 1yr warranty. Which brings us to my point, you’er going to want to treat your new device with care to ensure the highest quality user experience for the longest time possible.

  • Power your device off before going to sleep.
  • Stop over charging your device, by leaving it plugged in over night or while in use.
  • Keep on device memory as free as possible. Use an external SD Card or cloud for photos and videos.
  • Keep an eye on the RAM, CPU and heat temp. Kill background apps, don’t abuse max screen brightness