iPhone App Now Available for QuickTapSurvey

Today, we are thrilled to announce QuickTapSurvey for iPhone. It is everything you ever wanted — user friendly, feature-rich and fast!

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The iPhone app evolved as a result of feedback from existing QuickTapSurvey customers looking for new ways to conduct retail audits, health and safety inspections, environmental investigations, construction site reviews and on-site market research like mystery shopping. While you could already do all of that with our iPad and Android tablet apps, the iPhone app brings with it a whole new level of versatility, portability and convenience required for field research.

We’ve really enjoyed creating QuickTapSurvey for iPhone and it’s important for us to hear what you think. Drop us a note any time at support@quicktapsurvey.com or on Twitter. Also, for more information check out our FAQs. Sign up for free to see all the features in action!

QuickTapSurvey for iPhone

Originally published at QuickTapSurvey Blog.