LIT 🔥 : Crazy/Brilliant Ideas From QuickTapSurvey’s Internal Hackathon

In mid-December, we hosted our final #QuickTapHack of the year and once again, the ideas that flowed were so goddamn crazy, they were practically genius!

QuickTapSurvey Hackathon

Hackathons are an important part of the culture at QuickTapSurvey. The whole idea is to bring people together in a fun, collaborative environment and give them the freedom, tools (and snacks 😂) to think differently and build without constraints. Of course, not everything will ship, but the extraordinary ones certainly will. The “rules” are always the same:

  1. Anyone can pitch anything, QuickTapSurvey related or not
  2. You can team up with anyone, or go solo
  3. Cancel/stop everything else
  4. Bring the hacker spirit and celebrate each other
  5. Have fun, lots of it

 Team Name: Batman & Robin (aka
Stevo and Digo)
 Hack Name: Lit Leads 🔥

This superhero team enabled push notifications on Slack based on specific actions taken by a new user, for example, when a user adds the first question to their first survey. With this notification, the customer success team is able to better qualify leads, gently nudge users, send them helpful content and put them in a campaign designed exactly for their use case, or in marketing speak, optimize the customer acquisition funnel so that we are creating an awesome product experience and a highly-engaged user base. Goal!


 Team Name: D&B (aka
Dev and Beau)
 Hack Name: QTS’O’VISION

This duo made an Apple TV app. Their idea was to show how Apple TV can be used as yet another platform to take surveys, specifically for our lead capture use case. To demonstrate this they created a native tvOS application for a travel agency to get feedback from their customers on their vacation destination preferences. Apple TV allowed them to display beautiful hi-res images and videos of potential travel destinations, while the survey respondent answered a few short questions about their travel preferences using the remote. You heard it here first!


Hack Name: QuickTapFlow

The idea here was to use QuickTapSurvey to emulate a Workflow Engine, sending follow-up surveys when notifications are triggered by responses. A points and reward system was utilized using 3 surveys. The first delivers a task to be executed. The execution of the task triggers a notification to deliver a second survey to review said task. The execution of the review survey triggers a notification to deliver a final survey with rewards based on the submitted review, thus completing the task-execution loop.


 Hack Name: Emojis Are The

Ever wondered about your favorite Twitter accounts’ emoji usage? Wonder no more. Simply search for a twitter handle, and this hack will give you a graphical breakdown of their emoji usage frequency. Built with ES6 + React + VictoryJS on the client side, and Node + Express on the server side. #fullstackjavascript. Will be hosted live soon! Got any ideas on how it could be better? Let us know! 😛


 Hack Name: QuickTapGo ▷

The goal of this hack was to explore a way to filter and engage people who discover and download our app via the AppStore. Upon first open, the app engages you with questions about your use case and how you intend to collect data. From there we reaffirm that choice with more context and load a template or demo survey based on your industry. If you go through the survey and submit your test responses, we will add that survey to your account which you can create right after. Beauty!


Name: Beau

Beau used an online survey to create a support article on how to create your first survey. The survey uses native QuickTapSurvey features like skip logic and embedded YouTube videos. It was created as a fun way to onboard new users to help them get started on the platform exposing them to both the survey building tools and a finished survey all at once. Genius!

Name: Martin
Hack Name: Automated Axosoft Reporting

This hack sought to integrate our project management and team collaboration tools. Martin used the Axosoft API to pull out Project Reports automatically in order to report on varies vital stats such as open tickets, in progress, in code review, etc and then send the report into a Slack channel on a schedule ex. daily (morning/evening). This automation saves a tremendous amount of time for software development managers looking to report on accomplishments, goals, and obstacles. What a no-brainer!

Name: Dmitri
Hack Name: Reporting On Fleek

Dmitri came up with a nifty little hack to automate a side of the business that required daily manual reporting. Instead of having someone take a screenshot of a daily report and putting it into a slideshow slide, and exporting that slide as an image to go in an email, the resulting email image would be dynamically generated with the addition of a new “export to” button from that daily report page. IRL this doesn’t just save time, it would be impossible to really scale the product without it. Whoa whaat!

Name: Roger
Hack Name: Quill Editor Autocompletion

Roger implemented the ability to trigger any predefined values that auto pop’s up for quick selection within the Quill Editor. For example, when creating a notification, if a user needed to refer to a specific member of the account in the email body, the user could activate a drop-down lookup using @username, which would then display all available options for speedy entry. Brill!

Originally published at QuickTapSurvey Blog.