The Top Hacks From QuickTapSurvey’s Internal Hackathon

On Friday, August 19th, QuickTapSurvey held its second hackathon of the year — #QuickTapHack — an intense day-long event fueled by coffee, deadlines and more coffee. There were so many winning ideas that even the judges had a hard time separating the good from the very good. Participants were judged not only on their hack idea and design, but also on their presentation. Five prizes in total were handed out — but the consensus was that everyone was a winner.

QuickTapSurvey Hackathon Poster

Okay, time to look at the entries:

1. Anthony Ng’s Smart Sign-in on Android — Winner, Most Innovative

This project used QuickTapSurveys sign-in flow to ensure that existing customers were immediately signed in on our mobile and web apps, by an automatic single credential detection that pre-fills upon a single tap across devices and websites in Chrome. The potential IRL was immediately apparent — rapidly on-board new users by partially completing the app’s sign in, and store credentials for future automatic authentication.

2. Boshen Cui’s Customer Support QuickLinker — Winner, Most Useful

Working on the customer support team, Boshen had to constantly link articles from our help center into Freshdesk, our support email system. This often became a tedious task, switching between tabs and digging through articles — especially when having to link several articles within a single email. Boshen wrote a chrome extension to search for an article, link it, and format it within Freshdesk through a simple shortcut in order to streamline this process.

3. Deepa Radh, Camilio Rojas and Neel Parikh’s Top-Secret Website — Winner, Sexiest Hack

The marketing team swore us into secrecy with this one so there’s not much we can divulge except that this trio consisting a designer, content writer and seo specialist created a marketing website for an upcoming new product release. They used a premium WordPress theme and customized it to meet their copy and design requirements. This is one secret that the marketing team doesn’t want spoiled, so watch this space — an update will be provided when the product launch is formally announced!

4. Dilip’s Ultimate Survey Bot

This project was a Facebook bot that you could use to interact with a user’s account. The idea is that the bot would be able to accept commands from the user in order to perform various functions without the need of navigating to the website itself. Some example commands that were built in was the ability to view all the given surveys for the given user. Using the data that was returned, you could send another command to check how many responses a certain survey had. Ingenious stuff!

5. Josh Asokanthan and Rohit Jain’s Phone Pong

This duo developed a version of pong that is controlled by tilting a phone, powered by WebSockets, NodeJS, and ReactJS. They explored the ability to control a web browser game using a smartphone and ended up controlling the vertical movement of a Pong player by tilting a smartphone up or down. The degree of tilt that is captured by the phone’s gyroscope was sent to our server powered by WebSockets. The server would then communicate the data to the browser with the Pong game, and control the Pong paddle for the player. So addictive!

6. Kevin Dorfer’s Memcached Integration — Winner, Code Guru

When a web app is composed of a set of separated apps deployed on different servers, some of these apps need to use a lot of common data, and each of them pulls it from the database, which decreases it’s performances. This entry deployed Memcached, a distributed cache that each app could call before pulling from the database to see if the value has already been cached. This way we reduce the load on the database and increase the apps performance. The real advantage of this tool is that it can scale really easily, and can create a cache virtually infinite and accessible by any server.

7. Wei Xin’s Cool Math Game — Winner, People’s Choice

This was a classic promotional giveaway disguised in a mathematical puzzle. Website visitors are first prompted to enter a contest to win the QuickTapSurvey Expert plan for free. Next they are thrown right into a Brick Breaker style game, where there is a ball that bounces off the edges of the screen and you can move the paddle to prevent the balls from falling down to the bottom of the screen. The most exciting part was the spin the wheel feature with random giveaways. Play games, win stuff. Score!

QuickTapSurvey Hackathon

#QuickTapHack August 2016

Originally published at QuickTapSurvey Blog.