Extra Taboo Erotica

Guy New York
May 21 · 1 min read

What a title eh?

Not just taboo but extra taboo. Not faking it. Not hiding behind a fantasy which can easily be explained by the moralist or the theologian.

In this case, it’s a collection of stories I can’t publish. It’s a collection of stories that should be read in the dark and in out of the way places. It’s a collection of stories of people who do immoral, illegal, and often complicated things, which are nevertheless erotic.

Which is maybe what all erotica should be and maybe not. I like sweet stories as well, but when I get down to business, the things I enjoy writing the most are the things I feel shouldn’t be written.

So there you have it. A new place to read the filthy ones. The bad ones. The immoral and dark ones. The ones I can’t let out without a leash.

I hope that the price tag is indicative of the work.

You can read more on Patreon, which is currently the only way to access the stories.


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