Carlos Folgar: Embracing the challenge

Quid marketing manager Carlos Folgar.

Company values are frequently handed down to employees from their bosses, or printed on a wall plaque and forgotten. Not at Quid.

Our 100 or so employees spent several weeks last fall brainstorming and distilling six company values — Embrace the challenge; User impact first; Give trust, earn trust; Enable others to succeed; Commit, deliver, measure, iterate; and Stay curious.

Throughout the year, Quidizens will be sharing their thoughts on these six values. Launching the initiative: Embrace the challenge.

The full thinking behind the value:

The magnitude of the problem we are solving doesn’t scare us. It’s why we are here. We show resiliency in the face of complexity and pursue the Quid mission with passion.

Carlos Folgar of #teammarketing

In Carlos’s words:

Challenges present us opportunities for professional and personal growth. Embracing the challenge means facing them with courage, strength and resolve.

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