Quid intern Salwa Campbell on how life in SF compares to Sierra Leone

Quid intern Salwa Campbell with Quid CEO Neville Crawley

A day in the life of Quidizen intern Salwa Campbell.

Campbell is an Emerging Leader with TechWomen, a U.S. Department of State initiative that brings emerging women leaders in STEM from developing countries together with professional counterparts in the US. Campbell is from Sierra Leone, where she is co-founder and director of business development/training at an established ICT Company, Fix Solution.

5.45a My alarm wakes me up. Depending on my schedule, I’ll pray for 10–30 minutes. Afterwards, I check my email and social media messages and reply quickly as necessary. I love being in the kitchen, so before jumping into the shower I’ll prepare breakfast — no burden for me. If I were home in Sierra Leone, I would be discussing morning news with my husband, but with the time difference here in the U.S., we only get to speak by phone briefly.

8.30a Back home in Sierra Leone, I drive to work and sometimes enjoy the ride with my husband. Here in San Francisco, the bus stop is an 8-minute walk from my apartment.

9.00a I arrive at the office and check my calendar again for upcoming meetings. At Quid, I’ll dive straight into analyzing data and simultaneously reading software tool guides to improve my understanding of the Quid network. Whereas in Sierra Leone, as the Business Development Director, my first activities of the day are focused on seeking business opportunities with prospective clients.

10.00a Starting at this time, and for a good part of my day, I’m in meetings: participate in client software training or client interviews; meet with key stakeholders helping me understand various business perspectives for my mentorship project; meet with executive members to learn from and tap into their rich professional experience. In Sierra Leone, I’m generally discussing proposals and delivering presentations for prospects to understand our services and solutions.

1.00p Lunch time. I try to eat, though sometimes I skip lunch if work is intense or there are deadlines to meet. I also use this time to chat with friends on social media.

2.00p More data research and analysis on the Quid network. Currently I am working on a project to recommend an onboarding strategy and develop a scalable solution for new Quid clients that can be leveraged in all four verticals. While doing this, I must first understand the operations of Quid’s software. Key tasks will be focused on researching the current onboarding techniques of all pods, identifying selling points and challenges for new Quid users, and identifying commonalities and differences in onboarding practices.

4.00p Grab some snacks, like a candy bar, chips, or a pastry. Sometimes while I am snacking I’ll chat with my fellow Quidizens or check social media.

5.30p In the U.S., I walk home from Quid and enjoy the beautiful views of San Francisco, but in Sierra Leone I have to drive and deal with traffic.

7.00p Simultaneously prepare and eat dinner while I catch up with family and friends by phone. Then I’ll turn on the TV for the news or a movie.

10.00p Rest so I can wake up in a couple hours to pray and maybe work on unfinished projects.

1.30a Bedtime, for real.

For more information about Quid, check out www.quid.com. Keep up to date with all things Quid on our new blog.

Quid is an SF-based startup, building a new type of intelligence platform that gathers information, and enables visual mapping and analysis on any topic.

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