Quidizen Jon Sibley talks sales strategy and early-morning swims

Quid sales manager Jon Sibley.

A Day in the Life of Quidizen Jon Sibley.

5.30a Wake up and walk down from my place in Russian Hill to Dolphin Club at Aquatic Park. After years of morning water polo practices, I have developed a compulsive need for early-morning swims. Our club is pretty old school (no wetsuits allowed) and jumping into 54 degree water provides a more-than-refreshing wake-up.

6.30a After a quick sauna and shower, I order a Scoot from my phone and pick up the scooter at the nearest spot for my ride to our SOMA office. I try to get into the office before 7.00a. It doesn’t always happen, but I am definitely more productive in the mornings and want to take advantage of this.

7.30a Bullpen. This is a daily event I have blocked off on my calendar to make cold calls or send cold emails to different prospects. I try to contact the decision makers at various prospective companies and introduce them to Quid.

9.00a It’s demo time. I usually have a handful of 30-minute demos per day. I’m either speaking with a prospect I’ve reached out to or with an inbound lead generated from our Marketing team through our website, events, or content. I love the opportunity to get on the phone and pitch Quid to new potential clients. Quid is such a dynamic platform that it is always interesting to hear feedback from people who are seeing it for the very first time.

12.00p I go with a few co-workers to the French cafe down the street for a coffee and quick lunch. It’s awesome hearing about what other teams are working on across the company.

1.00p I meet with Matt Chappell, our VP of Software Sales, to review every deal I have in the pipeline and work on next steps for all of them. Matt has mentored me for more than a year now and as I’m still fairly new to the sales profession, his advice is invaluable to me. We go through every opportunity together and focus on the specific steps I need to close these deals.

2.00p Pricing meetings with prospective clients. Instead of a first-time demo, this meeting is all about discussing deployment models. We want to ensure our clients are happy and successful in their usage of Quid, and this meeting is the first step in scoping out our engagement together.

4.30p Scoooooot! I snatch another Scoot ride and head to Olympic Club to grab a quick bite to eat with my roommate en route to our water polo scrimmage.

6.30p Our scrimmage at O-club begins. We play every Monday and Wednesday together. I’m really lucky to be able to play all the time with some of my best friends and ex-college teammates as well as get the chance to compete. One of the things I love best about sales is that it’s a lot like winning and losing as a team.

9.00p I take in more food at O-club post-practice and then walk home to get ready for bed. I usually check my email one more time to see if anything pressing came in. Then I’ll read or watch TV for a bit before lights out.

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