For the US, the reasons for looking at other systems are plain. For Brits … well, they may have already deemed this article irrelevant to them and puttered off to make another cup of tea.
Two Men, One Injury, Two Very Different Experiences
Danielle Wood

Sadly, the current UK government seems determined to undermine its social safety net and destroy the NHS for the benefit of private interests and reluctant “elite” taxpayers who can afford US-style private care.

Perhaps the constant lobbying by insurance companies and American for-profit healthcare corporations that want to expand their markets has something to do with it? Heaven knows, they keep trying to destroy the Canadian Medicare system. As somebody who remembers the suffering, deaths and debt burdens of the days before our public system, I am disgusted by the lobbyists and the politicians who would gladly oblige – if only 80+% of Canadians were determined not to let them.

Let me be blunt: these days “conservatives” don’t want to conserve anything of the progress humanity made in the 20th century. Many perpetuate lies about how for-profit “market forces” are cheaper and better than governments’ measures for the public good. They’re not, and this side-by-side comparison is valuable evidence of why.

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