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77,000 lines of code, 2,500 commits, 140 weeks, dozens of iterations, 1 mission…

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Today the team at QuikNode is excited to debut the result of 2.5+ years of grind, hustle, vision, and passion for building infrastructure for blockchain & Web3.

Since summer of 2017, we’ve launched thousands of Ethereum nodes; experimented with a variety of use-cases and applications; contributed to dozens of hackathons around the world; met some amazing, talented people; and never gave up on building a tool for developers and businesses to run web3 dApps.

Since teaming up with QuikNode, 0xGames has enjoyed a worry free experience with no call request limits from the fastest, most reliable node provider on the planet.

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0xGames — an international all-star team of IT pros with deep game development and blockchain technology chops has released 3 next gen blockchain, open-economy games (plus one on the way).

Woven in beautiful 2D and 3D graphics, exciting gameplay, fascinating storyline and immersive soundtracks, players can profit with crypto, while trading or winning NFTs.

These award winning games can be accessed across PC, MAC, iOS and Android platforms plus about any blockchain platform imaginable.

How to set up your QuikNode with 3 popular Wallet/Account services

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1) Click the Node Selector in top right corner

Open access to ETH MainNet for developers and dApps!

At QuikNode we are constantly evolving our product to better meet the needs of users.

Since 2017, we have dialed-in our dedicated Ethereum node service to allow anyone to spin up a full, synced Ethereum node in minutes, in 8 locations around the world, with a few clicks.

2019 has been a transformational year; we acquired 3 new teammates, debuted a new User Interface, dedicated Bitcoin nodes, launched the #Web3Vibes newsletter, a new blog, and the newest tool: QuikNode API.

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Service and Features Overview

QuikNode API is your high-performance access to the Ethereum, xDAI, and Bitcoin networks.

Get instant access to BTC, xDAI, and ETH MainNet, Ropsten, Kovan, and Rinkeby networks — register now.

After login, you’ll see the dashboard with ability to Create Nodes, Add Team Members, get Chat Support, and manage your Nodes — all in one place.

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Clicking on the node will bring you to the Node dashboard, where your Web3 URLs (rpc endpoint, httpProvider & websockets) is shown, as well as Getting Started guides:

QuikNode UI & Payments Update (+Next Features!)

Dear QuikNode Users,

We’re excited to announce the release of our new User Interface (UI) and checkout process!

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New Dashboard

Taking in your feedback, our team has redesigned the control panel — which also gives us greater flexibility in integrating the new features you’ve been requesting… such as (but not limited to):

a) ability to launch multiple nodes under a single account (now live!)

b) ability to launch nodes other than ETH networks (BTC nodes now live!)

c) ability to create teams and invite team members (coming soon)

d) ability to pay for your node with Credit Card on a subscription

e) ability to pay for your node with BTC, LTC, and USDC (in addition to…

Accepting entries for web3 tutorials and creative writing

Going into 2019, we’re applying a focus on Education. We believe the next wave of blockchain enthusiasm, development, and adoption will be through education, and feel it’s the responsibility of those involved now, at the early stages of the tech, to facilitate it.

Our goal is to create a publication that doubles as an education portal — with tips, tools, and best-practices from knowledgeable authorities in the space, to help newcomers and anyone looking to obtain better insights into or get involved with web3.

If you’d like to get involved, our publication is accepting entries for

a) Technical writing: how-to guides, tutorials, something you can use/plug QuikNode into (but not a…

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The Parity Ethereum Archive Node is the newest addition to QuikNode’s services, adding to the existing lineup of ETH MainNet, Ropsten, Kovan and Rinkeby TestNets, and ETC MainNet and Morden TestNet full nodes.

What is an Archive node exactly?

An Archive node contains all state trie data (all the transaction records that have ever happened) and is generally deployed by advanced users & businesses who need the full blockchain data to play around with — fast.

This means you can see what every public key balance and smart contract state looked like at any specific point (or more accurately “block”) in time. Are you curious about what all accounts looked like on block 4199900? An archival node will have the entire global state saved at that time.-

QuikNode Wants Developers and Power-Users to Run Ethereum Nodes Faster Without All the Hassle

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In our feature story for startups today we are chatting up with Dmitry, one of the co-founders of QuikNode, a startup that provides cloud-hosted Ethereum nodes for developers and power-users. We delve into the startup’s story to learn what the inspiration behind their product was, and how they have been growing since launch in the ever expanding blockchain market.


Although Dmitry’s team’s interest in blockchain technology goes back to 2013, they started playing with Ethereum (programmable blockchain) in spring of 2017. During summer of 2017 there were many new blockchain projects offering their tokens for sale, and this caused the few websites that supported interacting with the Ethereum blockchain to face infrastructure problems — to support the influx of new users. …


A fast & easy way to run your own Ethereum node. Check us out at

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