Thank you
Hillary Clinton

Sorry Hilary, the majority of the people who voted for you voted against what they believed was a greater evil. When you offer to work for him and would like people to have hope I hear the voice of Ursula laughing in my head.

That’s what is broken in our democracies. If politicians leaders such as you had an once of integrity they would stand by the values they preach and not join whoever might give them a better deal. Sorry for the ultimate glass ceiling, the idea of proposing help to such a misogynistic person makes me wonder if you’ve even been a real feminist. Having a daughter I’m disgusted to be honest. What an example when you have a choice. How many women HAVE to work with sexists, chauvinists men because they need the money?

I’m not american but this is just another example why more and more people in modern democracies have lost hope in politics. As such we’re all american today. The biggest power in the world actually have the power to impact everybody else, especially thinking about wars and environment.

Good luck for what’s left of your career, I’m afraid I can’t share your feelings of hope for the next four years.

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