Imaginative Straps By Schofield + Cudd Profess The ‘Art Of Strappage’

by Ian Skellern

 Simon Cudd has a self-professed infatuation with straps that began in 2007 right along with his interest in watches.

Cudd has seldom worn a standard original strap on any watch he has ever owned, preferring to express his individuality and to experiment with different colors and fabrics for his straps.

Cudd, who regularly shares his photography and words on Quill & Pad, has now teamed up with Giles Ellis, founder of Schofield Watch Company, to create bespoke straps that exude originality, verve, and a fresh breeze of contemporary spirit.

Schofield has already been utilizing fabrics and leathers from traditional British companies like Abraham Moon Mills, Clayton tannery, Millerain, and Ventile to create unusual straps and offer bespoke varieties.

But Cudd continued to push Ellis over the years, demanding straps comprising fabrics and leathers that are brighter, bolder, and stranger than the average watch wearer might generally be comfortable with.

Schofield + Cudd green leather strap on a Schofield watch

Schofield + Cudd green leather strap on a Schofield watch

This is where Schofield + Cudd come in: this is a company to satisfy even the most insatiable strapaholics!

I caught up with Cudd to find out what sets his new company apart from others who offer straps.

IS: Why start making and selling your own straps?

SC: Everyone who knows me understands that I have a mild strap obsession — some may even say an extreme obsession. I love watch straps, especially those that are different from the mundane black and brown crocodile straps that seem to define the quintessential luxury watch strap.

I was constantly badgering my good friend Giles Ellis of Schofield Watch Co. to set me up with something that was off the beaten track. Giles characteristically overcompensated, and together we set up Schofield + Cudd.

Schofield + Cudd red leather strap

Schofield + Cudd red leather strap

IS: What is special about your straps, setting them apart from the many others out there?

SC: Let’s put this into perspective: our products are more than just great watch straps.

There are so many choices already available; we aimed to build on the success of the existing Schofield strap collection. Our Schofield + Cudd products are bolder and more daring in terms of materials and colors.

But don’t mistake them for wacky: they are a still a premium product made with expert care.

Schofield + Cudd offers a wide palette of colors and a wide variety of materials and textures

Schofield + Cudd offers a wide palette of colors and a wide variety of materials and textures

IS: What sizes do you offer?

SC: Currently two lengths, regular and long, with a lug width of 24 mm tapering to 22 mm at the buckle. In a couple of months we will be launching a range of straps to fit watches with 22 mm lugs.

Schofield + Cudd grey fabric

Schofield + Cudd grey fabric

IS: What are your favorite materials to work with and why?

SC: We like to use fabrics and leathers of no particular provenance, but they do have to be of superior quality. We select the materials by their texture, color, durability, and “curiosity.”

“Curiosity” is a category of materials that one may not expect to be made into watch straps; these satisfy our own creative natures. Additionally, recycling and upcycling materials is important to us in this disposable era.

Schofield + Cudd reddish-brown fabric strap

Schofield + Cudd reddish-brown fabric strap

IS: Do you do custom orders?

SC: The Converse strap I once wrote about for Quill & Pad was the beginning of our “custom” section (see Bespoke Watch Straps That Must Be Seen To Be Believed: Cuddsville x Schofield Watch Company).

Yes, we offer a service where customers can send material or fabric to us for assessment. If approved by our makers, we can make them a strap based on our existing strap measurements and shape. Aside from that, customers can choose the stitch and either the R or L size.

Schofield + Cudd offers colored buckles

Schofield + Cudd also offers colored buckles

IS: What are the benefits of your straps over what brands offer?

SC: There are a few benefits of a Schofield + Cudd strap over those offered by watch brands, and obviously I will say superior quality. But really there is only one that makes us different and that is that our straps are avatars of taste, you wear our straps and you’re cool, you get it, you’re an individual.

Schofield + Cudd leather weave strap

Schofield + Cudd leather weave strap

IS: Where are the straps made?

SC: They are made in Europe from predominately British fabrics and Italian leathers by artisans that have been making Schofield straps for the last seven years.

Schofield + Cudd mustard color canvas strap

Schofield + Cudd mustard-color canvas strap

For more information or to purchase a strap, please visit

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