L’Epée 1839: The Never-Boring High-End Clock Manufacturer (Video)

by Elizabeth Doerr
 Clocks may seem old-fashioned — until you get a load of what L’Epée 1839 is capable of.

And as a watch enthusiast, you have probably also already seen a few of this company’s clock co-productions with MB&F: Arachnophobia, Sherman, Balthazar, Melchior, and Starfleet Machine.

L’Epée 1839 has a surprising history as a supplier of escapements, too, as The Watches TV’s Marc-André Deschoux found out during a visit there. Watch the video for a multitude of interesting information on what may well become your favorite clock company afterward.

You may also enjoy Joshua Munchow’s fan fiction account of Balthazar: MB&F Balthazar: A Hero Story Of No Robot Left Behind.

Originally published at Quill & Pad.

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