Tutima Patria Power Reserve: Pure Glashütte Elegance Powered By A Manufacture Movement

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Tutima Patria Power Reserve: Pure Glashütte Elegance Powered By A Manufacture Movement

by Sabine Zwettler

Glashütte is a small town with unparalleled significance in the watch world. Even people with only a moderate interest in sophisticated timekeeping are likely to have heard of this small German town not far from Dresden where some of the world’s finest watches are manufactured.

The noble traditions of this horological mecca were started by none other than Adolph Ferdinand Lange (1815–1875) more than 150 years ago. Its history is fascinating, a book whose chapters document the evolution of fine watches in the context of historical events in each and every decade (see Made In Germany: The Glory Of Glashütte for more).

After German reunification in the early 1990s, the rise of traditional Saxon precision watchmaking was meteoric, with both old prestigious names and new brands appearing on the scene.

Now, as in its heyday a century ago, modern Glashütte is a horological microcosm for horological enthusiasts: within a very small area, the town offers almost everything from high-end manufacture calibers with grand complications to tough sports watches and everyday classics.

Glashütte is like a snow globe: if you shake it, it is bound to reveal scenery that puts a smile on your face.

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Tutima is a picture-perfect example of this land of horological milk and honey, offering everything enthusiasts would expect from a true Glashütte brand. The brand has a story extending far back into Saxony’s past (Tutima’s roots reach to 1927), a notable variety of genres within the collection, and, most importantly, the ability to manufacture genuine in-house movements.

So far, the horological high point for Tutima has been the introduction of the ultra-complicated minute repeater christened Hommage in 2011, the first full minute repeater conceived, manufactured, and assembled on German soil.

Tutima Patria: the intricate beauty of understated design

With the Patria collection first introduced in 2013, Tutima continued its noble tradition of offering the high-end Glashütte hallmarks of virtuoso craftsmanship combined with a sense of taste.

The Patria collection includes the aforementioned Hommage minute repeater, the Tempostopp chronograph with flyback function, a classic time-only watch with small seconds, and a GMT watch called Dual Time — all clad in 18-karat pink gold.

Each model is powered by a top-notch manufacture movement featuring signature Glashütte-style elements underneath an elegant, classic dial.

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

In 2018, the royal Patria family received a worthy companion, the Patria Power Reserve. The new function at 9 o’clock is harmoniously integrated into the understated Patria dial design– one that is distinguished by a railroad minute track, elegant and perfectly sized Arabic numerals, and fine but nonetheless expressive manually crafted pink gold lance-style hands.

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Although the dial is silvered, it almost gives the impression of enamel with the graphics contrasting very legibly. The power-reserve indicator at 9 o’clock is slightly recessed as is the the small seconds subdial at 6 o’clock.

The overall impression obviously bears the imprint of its Saxon birthplace, while offering its very own style, highlighted by a 43 mm case with curved lugs and a fluted crown.

Tutima Caliber 618: the intricate beauty of technical complexity

A peek — or rather the lengthy admiration it will probably turn into — through the exhibition case back reveals the beautiful microcosm of manually wound Caliber 618. An offspring of Caliber 617, which powers the Patria Small Second, the 3 Hz movement features 34 additional components including a planetary gear for the power reserve indicator.

Caliber 618 visible through the display back of the Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Caliber 618 visible through the display back of the Tutima Patria Power Reserve

The traditional Glashütte three-quarter plate with screw-mounted gold chatons are essential elements of true Glashütte style. Contrary to the brand’s other manufacture movements, this caliber features a frosted finish instead of sunburst decoration. To be honest, I’m equally fond of both styles.

The skeletonized and finely finished balance cock allows a free view of Tutima’s regulator: the screw balance features weighted regulating screws and a Breguet hairspring with a special terminal curve.

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

Tutima Patria Power Reserve

For more information, please visit www.tutima.com/watch/power-reserve.

Quick Facts Tutima Patria Power Reserve
Case: 43 x 11.2 mm, pink gold
 Movement: manually wound manufacture Caliber 618 with screw balance, 21,000 vph/3 Hz frequency, power reserve 65 hours, Glashütte three-quarter plate
 Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve indicator
 Price: €16,000/$19,900

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Originally published at Quill & Pad.