Please invent the Human Blocker App!

We all want to keep our feeds clean from whatever we consider as detrimental to our online experience. Ad blocker apps are now readily available and do just that. But what if someone created a Human blocker app?

Just imagine, we could literally go through life without seeing anything Kanye related. We could ban Beiber and Gomez from ever appearing anywhere on our computer screens! Imagine the possibilities to ban people like:

Kim “What exactly do you do” Kardashian

Boris “UK’s The Donald” Johnson

Piers “Pompous” Morgan

Fox News Anchors

Martin “The PR King” Shkreli

Adam “get a Voice” Levine

Rolf “Just throw away the key” Harris

Imagine that we could ban LinkedIn “Influencers” like Dr. Travis “get rich by sleeping naked” Bradberry. No more being force-fed content. (There goes my chance at getting this post featured on Pulse!)

This app could even turn the tide in the fight on terrorism by not giving ISIS the exposure they so desperately need to recruit. Just ban “ISIS” from our feeds!

We could also ban Trump but with the option to reinstate him in the unlikely event he does become the most powerful man on earth.

Ban anyone who says “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people”!

You could even ban me if you didn’t like this post!

To developers out there, please build the Human Blocker App and I’ll be the first to head over to iTunes.

Dean Owen is the Co-Founder of Quimojo, a revolutionary new concept in Global Campus Recruitment.