Shitty San Francisco
Christopher Daniel Grant

I've read a dozen articles on this subject today. I honestly don't understand why the city government have, from what I've learned thus far, been turning a blind eye to this. The amount of toilets they've provided wouldn't take care of the people that live on my street. As is well documented, a high percentage of homeless people are mentally disturbed. Many of whom wouldn't use a toilet if they were inside a portable bathroom. They'd probably shit on the floor or in the sink. Low flow toilets are used as scapegoats. I live on the East Coast and frequently go into NYC, at least 50 per year. I've been going for 40 years now and have never, ever seen human shit on the ground. The Mayor and police force are very serious when it comes to the homeless and their behavior. They're not concerned with the political correctness of not being seen as harsh with a homeless person. The officers care and often buy them food, clothing and shoes. But, if a homeless person is breaking the law in any way, they'll be cited or arrested. Even when there is little evidence. The homeless pile into Penn and Grand Central stations at night even though there are hundreds of shelters, but not once have I seen anything but highly polished floors. The bathrooms are considerably clean as well. How does a huge city like New York manage these problems yet San Francisco has no grasp at all. Included in these articles are the billions of dollars within the city budget. Where is that money going? And, why aren't the citizens making noise? Has San Francisco just become apathetic and totally numb to their surroundings? People use to get angry about stepping every few years in dog shit. Now the San Francisco citizens accept stepping in human shit. Amazing that the city will rid itself of the homeless and clean up the streets for a football game but won't for its citizens. I know California residence have the reputation of being laid back but this is ridiculous. The citizens of this once beautiful city have to stand up, open their mouths and do something. Obviously the mayor has no intension except throwing a bone once in awhile like the 4 or 5 toilets.

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