So I start

Hello, I suppose, is how I want to begin this. I being me, Quinn. I had originally ventured out with plans for a blog, but found myself on medium, intrigued. And so, without further adieu, here is the first of what will hopefully be a few of my rambles, wonders, and short stories.

Excuse me! a shrill voice calls out

I know shes talking to me but keep my head in the table hoping someone will intercept

Eeeexcuse me. Higher pitched as she gets closer, must be important

Heeey, I drawl, work voice on maximum power

Sorry to bother you, (you’re not) but did you clean our table already?

my eyes spell loathing. Where were you sitting? nicer than ever

Oh just right over there. Oh… it looks like you did already

(no shit)

Well, did you see a retainer?

What would it look like

Red, but it was wrapped up in a napkin, it probly looked like trash

(you’re joking)

respond slowly, If it looked like trash, I probly threw it away

short gasp, indignation, You What

I’m sorry (i’m not), But I really don’t look out for things like that

she cant believe it shes shocked,


doesn’t get another word out

turns tail, on heel, and marches out

I sigh, return my tub, dump the trash, and catch the faintest red glint as the

compactor closes