Choosing a Career and Living With It: The Underlying Truth Behind What it Takes to Succeed

When I first began writing, I used to spend half of my time contemplating on what I should write about. The other half of my time was spent thinking of how I would put those thoughts into words. When writing, I was always so careful to look out for incomplete thoughts, run-on and/or fragment sentences, correct punctuation, subject verb agreement errors, and anything else that could possibly compromise my image as a writer (well at least from what they teach you in school). In addition to this, I would always ask myself questions such as, “what do people want to hear? What if no one understands what I am trying to say?” Every writer wants to write to peak the interest of others. Everyone wants to be the one to write about things, issues, or events that people can relate to. Everyone wants a voice, to be heard.

However, after spending all of my time giving so much thought to the little things, I would simply convince myself that I did not have anything “interesting” to write about and give up.

It took me a while to realize that being a writer requires a high level of growth and maturation. With this also came the realization that it is not my responsibility to please the people. As a writer my only job is to write and in order to do this I had to first understand that I am a writer and the only person I should be writing to please, is myself. I am not writing to be heard or to be seen but for nothing more than self-expression. I will not use my talents to write or judge the lives and/or misfortunes of others. I will not invade the privacy of celebrities or their families. I will not write fictional stories and/or novels about sex, corruption, infidelity or any of the other things that seem to catch the attention of today’s generation, just to gain an audience.

Rather than writing to attract an audience, I have decided to follow my heart. Although I am well aware of the fact that my mindset may be a bit ahead of my generation, there is someone in this world who will understand. There is someone in this world who can understand what it’s like to constantly feel like you're fighting a never ending battle against none other than yourself. There is someone who struggles with the burden of constant over-thinking. There is someone who feels that they may be ahead of their time or even those who may simply feel like they do not belong in their surrounding area. Hell, there are definitely people who knows what it’s like to want so much more, who have dreams and goals that are nearly out of this world, who feel like they are just in way over their head. There is someone in this world who can relate to or at least understand even one of my struggles. But even if no one reads what I have to say and can truly understand, I’ll still be able to enjoy what I do and go to sleep every night with a smile on my face and a peace of mind because I remained true to myself. I know that as a writer, I am my biggest critic as well as my biggest supporter. Therefore, if I do not approve of the work that I do then how can I dare call myself a writer? Although, I am very adamant about helping and guiding others, it has become very clear that there is no way to do so without being true to myself.

When you decide to pursue a career in journalism, or any career for that matter, whether it be in music, marketing, sports, or whatever, it is essential that you choose your career based on what you love. A career should not be looked upon as a job. As a job is only temporary and will only suffice in order to get you through, a career is a life-long journey, a business more so. When you choose your career, be sure that the career path you choose allows you to do something that brings you joy. When deciding on a career, ask yourself, “What is the one thing in your life that you enjoy doing? Is this something that you can look forward to doing every day for the rest of your life?” Choosing a career is similar to choosing your spouse, it requires much thought, planning and very careful decision making. You have to live with your decision, no one else. Therefore when choosing a career, remain true to yourself, do what you love and never sell yourself short to please anyone.

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