HW 2/25

Exercise 5.10

Plant Accident

5W 1H — Duane LaChance 53 of Petal, pipe fitter, 3rd degree burns, Petal Miss, 3 p.m. today, touched wrench ro 15,000 volt power line

Thursday at 3 p.m., a 53 year-old man in Petal, Mississippi suffered third-degree burns and was placed into an intensive care unit at Methodist Hospital after touching a wrench to a 15,000 volt power line.

Duane LaChance, working for Gross Engineers, was installing new pipes on the roof of the Petal Municipal Power Plant when he accidently touched a wrench he was holding to an exposed 15,000 volt power line. The project manager for Gross Engineers, Henry Rosen, brought us this information in a phone interview.

McCartney Illness

5W 1H — Peter McCartney the singer, throat surgery, riverside hospital, last night, voice reduced to a whisper

The rock singer Peter McCartney was admitted to the Riverside Hospital Wednesday night for an exploratory throat surgery following a performance at the Bennett Auditorium.

The surgery is an attemt to find out why McCartney’s voice is unable to rise past a whisper after he lost his voice while performing infront of 1,000 fans.

BOE Meeting

5W 1H — Hattiesburg Board of Education, passed new rules, hattiesburg, this morning, low enrollment

The Hattiesburg Board of Education held a meeting Thursday morning to discuss a 200 student drop in enrollment as well as pass several new rules for the school system.

Assistent superintendent Max Hoemmeldorfer said during the Board of Education meeting that student enrollment has dropped for the third year in a row. During the BOE meeting, new dress code rules were passed. Female students will no longer be allowed to wear miniskirts to school and male students while have to keep their hair above their ears. No students will be allowed to wear bluejeans after the new rules go into effect either.

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