7 factors that can contribute to back pain

1-. Lack of exercise:

The weakness of disused muscles, can cause back pain. Basicallythe activation of the stabilizing muscles would be which prevents and protects yourspine of pain and injuries. Performing regularly in a healthy spine exercise helps to keep you in tip-top condition

2-. Overweight:

Carry too much weight puts tension further in the back. The bone structure is designed in a proportional weight to your height basically. So exceed the upper limits considerably increases the potential for back pain. Good nutrition is thekey to control your weight in conjunction with the previous point

3-. Diseases:

Some types of arthritis and cancer can contribute to back pain. This is for only appoint some conditions, because there is a wide range of conditions that can be generated as a symptom associated with back pain. Inside they found problems kidney, colon, stomach, conditions gynaecological, alterations of the prostate, etc.

4-. Improper movements:

While column presents movements in all planes, performing for example anterior Flex lifting weight, increases significantly the load in his spine.

This is the reason why is recommended to bend the legs and keep the spine straight lifting from the ground or a place under. Then the sequence correct to perform the movement. More information

5-. Psychological conditions:

The people who are prone to depression and anxiety have a greater risk of back pain. Usually if after discussion or live an important problem start with back pain, without having associated with a fall or blow or having madeany significant effort. It is likely that there is a psychological factor that is favoring back pain. A quick way to check it is trying to decrease your level alert of the nervoussystem. Blinking slower, lower respiratory rate and try to put the mind blank or something that we produce relaxation. If it lowers the pain, there is probably a psychological factor associated.

6-. Smoking:

Smoking is harmful to many systems of the body and can affect the back in addition to known cardiovascular and pulmonary damage. Smoking can affectthe intervertebral discs dehydrating them and affecting the nutritional contributionof these.

7-. Years:

Back pain is more common as you age, beginning around 30 or 40 years. Joint wear and tear of the structures and the changes that occur with age in your column make more prone to injury and to generate problems associated with back pain

What do I do if I have back pain?

Make an appointment with a chiropractor is a good idea. The chiropractors are personal of the health specialized among others conditions, in pain of column. What will evaluate your spine and according to the relationship between your symptoms andthat found in the evaluation determined do chiropractic adjustments, ask any examination or refer a doctor. The benefit of visiting a chiropractor is that it will search forthe probable cause of the pain or inflammation and will carry out treatment on thesame day in that it evaluates it, so less time is lost and you will feel relieved sooner.

Quiropraxia 1 Team

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