History tells us what may happen next with Brexit & Trump
Tobias Stone

Hopefully, one major result of the impending Trump victory (and possible nuclear war) will be the definitive suppression of Internet trolls and unwanted, electronically conveyed “satire.” Prosecutors in New York have taken steps in this direction, but unfortunately it’s just not enough.

Allow me to repeat: it’s just not enough. We need action on this matter, and we need it fast. Building on our academic culture of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and the new awareness of the evils of micro-aggression, surely we can expect serious progress from a Trump administration?

To begin with, here is a humble and concrete suggestion: authorities could, and should, take urgent measures to ban the possession or study of the outrageous “First Amendment dissent” signed by a single, isolated, liberal judge in America’s leading criminal “satire” case. See the documentation at: