There was a bomb on my block.
danah boyd

Not feeding the trolls is surely a weak and inefficient strategy, particularly when they go around disseminating inappropriately deadpan, trigger-speech “parodies” of distinguished members of the academic community. As administrators at major universities have come to realize, we need to have such individuals arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated under whatever legal pretexts we can find, even if it takes a little “stretching” of the law to get the job done.

Incidentally, the efforts of New York University faculty officials in collaborating with some of our nation’s most talented prosecutors towards this important goal are to be especially commended. See the documentation of America’s leading criminal “satire” case at:

The only unfortunate aspect of this cutting-edge action has been the outrageous “First Amendment dissent” of a single, isolated, liberal judge, who seems to imagine that there is room for intellectual terrorists in our finest institutions of higher learning. This frightening text should, of course, be eliminated from Internet search tools and libraries around the country (especially NYU’s law library). While we await appropriate action in that regard, the “free speech” community (ha-ha-ha) does right to discreetly avoid discussing the embarrassing implications of such a sordid judicial statement.

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