We down to our last day of the Quixxi Connect Token Sale! Make sure you head over to to join before its too late!

Even in this bearish market, we managed to succeed well over the soft cap, so we are all looking forward to the future on Smart…

Quixxi Connect Week 3 is live! And that means a 5% bonus on all contributions in the Quixxi Connect Token Sale!

You can head over to to contribute now, or directly on LAToken here !

If you missed it, Quixxi Connect has been published on Cointelegraph! “Is it Safe…

Quixxi Connects Week 2 of the Token Sale is live. You know what that means! Any contribution to the Token Sale gets a bonus 10%!

You can head over to to contribute now, or directly on LAToken here !

With over 18 thousand people in our Telegram group, the…

The Quixxi Connect Token Sale is now live! It’s week 1, that means you get 20% bonus on all contributions. You can head over to to contribute now, or directly on LAToken!

Our soft cap has been reached, where 70% of the total tokens have already been allocated, so…

We are pleased to announce that Quixxi Connect (QXE) will be listing on LAToken! As of today, you can join the token sale through LAToken, where tokens will be tradable mid-November.

Head over to before Oct 1st to get the 30% bonus on all contributions.

Quixxi Connect enables Smart Crypto Payments, where crypto transactions can be sent or received directly to an email address, phone number, or ID, instead of a complex hash address. Complete wallet protection is provided by decentralising shards of the user’s private key. These two unique features make Quixxi Connect a simple and intuitive payments platform, where focus is on breaking down the barriers for mass crypto adoption.

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-50 in July 2018 and keeps improving the result.

You read that right! We are dropping up to $1 Million worth of QXE this week! Here is how you can join;

  1. Go to
  2. Register and fill out the form
  3. Join the Telegram chat at
  4. Upload your KYC docs
  5. Refer your friends!

Each referral will give you an…

There are two major hurdles for crypto to break into the mainstream audience according to Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin;

  1. Scalability
  2. Ease of Use

Scalability, referring to the number of transactions per second, has been in the spotlight over the recent months. Many teams are working hard at this technical obstacle, where…

It’s a well known fact that you shouldn’t keep your cryptocurrencies left on exchanges. With over US$1.7 Billion stolen from exchanges, they are simply just not secure enough. Furthermore, the foreign nature of blockchain, wallets, and private keys are often a big barrier for the mass adoption. 17–23% of all…

Quixxi Connect

Smart Crypto Payments. Join our ICO at

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