User testing in Bangladesh

“This tool will help us come from darkness into light”

During a very hectic week Ylva Sandberg (QuizRR) and Kajsa Sundeson (Oceans Observations) meet with factory owners, mid managers and workers around Dhaka to interview and test an early version of the QuizRR tool. The overall response from the test persons was that they felt the tool was an engaging, modern and interesting way to learn working rights and responsibilities. Workers in particular were eager to learn more and they felt very strongly a need to implement the tool in their factories. As one of the workers said: “This tool will help us come from darkness into light.”

A great challenge is that the tool has to be developed for people who has never seen or used a digital interface of any kind. How to navigate a webpage when you never seen one before? Many of the things we take for granted like using icons like buttons to click through pages have to be reconsidered. A very clear learning is that we need to think outside our own knowledge and remember what life was like before Internet. Though we were very pleased to find that the basic idea of the game worked as an inspiring and fun way to learn. With all this findings we will now continue the work of developing the QuizRR tool, step by step

Originally published at June 11, 2014.

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