Quokka Use Case #4

When you heard something that got you really interested you naturally want to discuss it with someone who is also interested in it, or you may simply want to share what you think. But sometimes you understand that your immediate circles, school friends, former colleagues, relatives are probably not interested in it or you think they won’t understand. And sharing with or talking to the wrong person is always a bad idea and it gets you nowhere. You know how uncomfortable it may be to share and get no response. What you really need is to be part of a conversation that matters to you and to be able to share with those who can relate and appreciate what you are saying.

In Quokka you follow tags and thus can seamlessly join the conversation on the topic, without looking for groups, reaching out to people, finding forums or even spamming your friends with info that they simply don’t need (thus, also skipping info that is unnecessary and uninteresting to you).

Want to share your thoughts ? Just add tags and your message will be delivered to those who follow those tags, who want to know what you think, in that very moment. They would also be people who have similar interests with you, in other words you will end up reaching people who are on the same page with you.

Want to read/watch something upon your interests? Simply follow the tag and you’ll get what is written right now on this topic by people like you. No need to Search, just Get what you need, when you need it.

P.S. see How Quokka Works and Read Manifesto and there are other use cases you can read on my Medium Profile

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