Making Love

I made passionate love to you in my dreams again last night, this happens frequently

It made it hard when I saw you in your beauty this morning and not see the emotions that follow sex

You see making love to me is not just something that is fun for me, it not just some activity that married couples do, it is not just desire to be with your partner…while all these things are true.

Making love to me is pure intimacy, a complete giving of ones entire self to another, its a connection that is not of this earth, it is a spiritual event of some sort, two becoming truly one.

This level of intimacy will not be reached with no other soul. This level and demonstration of giving myself is not sufficient with anyone else nor do I want to give it to anyone else. You are it for me. There is no other. There never will be another.

Can you not see that every time, and I mean every time, that was giving you all of me. You know I always closed my eyes because it meant so much tears would wallow up inside if I dare connect to your eyes.

After every time I would gaze over at you and want to hold you and hold onto your beauty. I doubt you ever noticed but I did and if I couldn’t immediately do it I did shortly afterwards. Sometimes even after you fell asleep, I’d admire you by looking lovingly at you.

Making love to you was not just sex to me. It never has been. Its been about you and I being one finally. Being together in ways that were not humanly possible. It was about crawling inside you and feeling you and you me and knowing each other on levels that are far beyond comprehension or understanding.

What I am saying is I love you.

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