Why i stoped organizing my library

At first it was out of laziness. I had just set a new bookshelf in my living-room. Ranking my books after such a prowess demanded more energy than i had left. Big and small, biographies and novels, comics and video games dvds, all were put tupsy-turvy.

Since then it happened that a friend came at home, we talked about literature the way non-experts talk about literature, some book you’ve loved, about which you’re improvising some witty analysis like: “The writing is so fluid, the voice is so true, it’s like entering a soul that could become the friend of your soul” and then come the moment when you need to hold the book in your hands, you get up and you look for it in your apocalyptic library. “Wait…” The first time, finding the book took me five minutes, the second time a little less and so on.

Was that searching time a loss? It wasn’t. Each time was an occasion to memorize that landscape made of book spines, dark gaps and dusty elevations. My brain needed less time to adapt to the mess than it would to convert chaos into some system; time to choose the best option, alphabetical order, by author, by publisher…? Time to do it and do it again because it can always get better, sharper, closer to perfection.

We French have a maxim for that: “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”, literaly: “The better is the ennemy of the good” I might even reach the conclusion that laziness had protected me from losing time.