Photo by: Mitch Lensink

Lesson I Learned From A Business Card.

A short true story.

It’s a question a had for a long time, a message that was delivered to me by the unknown, a true story that happened to me, always wanted to share with the world, and I feel it’s time to spit it OUT!

One summer day, after I parked my car in one of big retail stores where I lived, I was on my way to the main entrance of the store, normally, I would continue to get inside to get what I need, but, I noticed something on the ground.

In the beginning I thought it was business card, at least it looked like it, but the blank side of the card was facing me, I don’t usually pick a business card that easy, but the simple human curiosity made me pick it up.

when I flipped the card on the other side, it was NOT a Business card, it was also blank on the others side too, with only three words in it…


In the beginning, it surprised me a little bit, and the only one question I had when I saw that phrase was, who would do such thing? spend their time and money printing a card that have such a phrase, so I put it back on the threw it on the ground.

after I was done shopping, I came back and found it still on the ground, but, obviously, this time was moved a little bit from its original spot that I put it. Sometimes, when I read something that makes me feel some type of way, I would read it again, to reflect on it, maybe It gives me different perspective.

I picked it up again, read it gain, thought about it more. Now, it gave me a different feeling, I was really into that (No One Care) idea ever since, everyone I meet, everything I do, or I read. questioning myself and whoever dropped or put that card on the ground, I ask myself a one question, why most people don’t care? and if they did? what is it really that they care about daily, most of the time, what drives our attention, what makes us (US) you know!

It was real, so real that many events after that proved it to me, but It of course it didn’t stop me from anything, it just drastically shifted my way of thinking.

But why people don’t care? and even If they “cared” enough about something or someone, how much would they care? and what they do about the thing they care about? and how that action or care differs from others caring?

My big reflection on that is summarized in this idea:

There is a big difference between three types of people:

A. There are those who don’t give a fuck

(those who change the world)

B. Those who don’t care (they will always look for bare minimum life (don’t expect much from them)

C. Those who care to a certain point

(you can make them care to a certain point, but they have a limit)

The result:

[ The only people who really care are those who don’t give a fuck.] there is a huge difference between the two.

Try to reflect on these questions?

  1. what is really caring in your opinion?
  2. Can we drive people to care about things we care about? are they care the same as we do?
  3. part of many people’s live is to care for someone else, or something else. Is it just a job for them? or real ‘care’?
  4. If you have a person at work, or in your life that just don’t care what do you do?
  5. How to reflect the things you care about in a positive way to get more people to care the same way?

Thanks for reading ^-^