because I said I would.

Have you ever tried finishing your sentences with the phrase, “because I said I would?” I began using this phrase not too long ago and it has changed the way I approach all my goals in life. Begin the day by saying, “I will _____, because I said I would.” It is incredible how 5 little words can have such a tremendous impact on your motivation and commitment throughout the day.

I started using this phrase because of one driving factor, my horrible anxiety. Five years ago, I was crippled with the anxious thoughts in my mind. I was in pain, mentally and physically. For those who have or is currently suffering from anxiety, I understand every anguish, fear and anger that you are feeling. I thought that I would never recover and be back to the person that I was. But one day I just told myself, enough is enough, I cannot and do not want to live like this. I said to myself, “I will beat anxiety, because I said I would.” That was the moment that completely changed my life. From that day on, I did everything in my power to fight back my horrible anxiety and regain my health, my sanity, and most importantly my identity. I have shared my anxiety journey through many outlets and forums, and have inspired countless of individuals. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need guidance or support.

Up till this day, I still use that phrase whenever I set a goal. I have succeeded many other goals just by saying those simple words. I encourage you to try the same and be inspired by how much you are able to accomplish.