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🔥Qvolta is running a CONTEST!🔥
👉All you need: make your own creative image about John McAfee and Qvolta, tag @officialmcafee & @Qvolta_Wallet.
💰Prize fund: 5,000 QVT + EXCLUSIVE QVOLTA T-SHIRT!
🏆The winner will be the one whose post John McAfee will retweet first!
🏁It’s better to hurry up while John is in a good mood.
📣Examples of tweets you can see here
🔥The rules are extremely simple so anyone can win! Good luck! 🙌

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⚡️Help us to create an amazing mobile app!

We are pleased to tell you the cool news. Qvolta mobile app for IOS is already released in public test. You can help us to create the amazing mobile app.

How can you do it? Just a few simple steps:
1. Leave your email address for the invite to the public test here:
2. Get the email from devs and follow the instructions.

It is easy and absolutely secure. The test is carried out automatically. As a result of testing, the developers will be able to understand the completeness of app functionality on different Apple devices.

Want to share your ideas with our team? Follow and discuss Qvolta’s story in social medias: Telegram, Facebook,Twitter,BitcoinTalk

⚙️During May the developers managed to make some minor improvements to the platform:

- The bug when trying to change email is fixed;

- The user’s login is now shown only in one email — after registration;

- The commission switch is balanced;

- The bug with phone number confirmation is fixed;

- If a user logs in from Russia, then offers for Rub showed immediately.

- Traders receive SMS about a new deal;

- The closing button in the card and the chat window is added;

- The chat window is upgraded;

- Once a deal is completed, the page no longer…

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Dear friends!

At the moment our developers are improving the platform usability for the newcomers. In addition, we’re establishing B2B partnership and creating tasty offers for our traders.

⚙️During this time, the developers managed to make some minor improvements to the platform:

- The letters in the offers were removed;

- “Resend” conformation” template has been fixed;

- Notification sounds were added;

- Now after the verification letter the user will be moved to the general wallet (previous bug fixed);

- E-mail confirmation appears on the offers page after registration;

- Qvolta Wall — popup alert with confirmation was added;

- Validation in Latin letters on verification page was added…

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We’re pleased to announce that Qvolta wallet is officially launched on livenet!

We remind you the basic features of Qvolta wallet:
- You can buy or sell crypto assets all around the world with the lowest fees using our platform (only one side is paying fees);
- Use local payment methods to buy or sell crypto assets on the platform (Debit card, PayPal, WebMoney, etc.);
- The platform includes basic user verification system which is much simpler than it could be;
- Download Qvolta Security application on your gadget for additional security on your account;

Information for traders: you can get discount for trading by using QVT token, after that the commission will be only 0.5%

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Hello Qvolta contributors and followers! We know that Qvolta product release is behind the schedule, we’re really sorry for that, but there’s not much time left before the platform launch. Current bitcoin node synchronization is almost over (99% completed!) and we’re going to lift off in a couple of days!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are not making any giveaways with ETH via Twitter or other social medias at the moment, beware of scammers/fake accounts. The only real Twitter account is

Meet the New Members of the Qvolta Platform Core Team

We are extremely proud to announce our updated marketing team which consists of 3 members: George Zaletski as a Head of Marketing Strategy, Aleksey Kranoslobodtsev and Daniil Bykov (you may know him from our telegram chat) as community development managers. We are using Trello as a collaboration tool that organizes our projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process and makes it easier to control the whole developing/marketing activities. …

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Qvolta is holding a CONTEST!

👉 All you need is to make your own creative tweet about Qvolta project including @Qvolta_platform tag and also tag 3 friends.
⭐️ Prize fund: 3,000 QVT tokens!
🏆 There will be 3 winners in the contest!

📣 Winners will be announced on April 9
⚙️Contest rules:
- Your Twitter account must be public and real.
- Twitter accounts must consist of at least 50 followers and the twitter audit should show more than 80% real followers count ( Accounts which do not comply these rules, will be removed from the contest.
- You have to make a creative tweet, because we will choose the winner by this criterion!
🔥The rules are pretty simple, so anyone is able to win! Good luck! 🙌

With the supportive community our project will definitely succeed!

Follow Qvolta’s story in social media: Telegram,Facebook,Twitter,BitcoinTalk

With our community growing impatient, we are glad to announce the Qvolta platform release date!

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The Qvolta platform development roadmap is on track, and we are ready to announce the release date : 2 April 2018. Our development team is currently running tests and making last tweaks to ensure everything is functioning the way it is designed to. We are positive that this is the right way to go, and we feel very content with our work so far.

⚡ ️Qvolta most relevant news:

🌀 The updated Qvolta landing page has been published. You can check the new version at

Under a joint agreement with the community, our developers were pleased to show how Qvolta platform works at the testing stage. We talked with the inspired in Qvolta about further plans for the development and marketing of the platform.

Our developers work at the full swing in order to deliver the great product. We are making new API service and mobile app now. We excited and can’t wait for the moment when we will be able to present it to you!
On this video you can watch how the team develops the platform for successful use.

Mobile applications updates

The updated versions of Qvolta Security App for Android and iOS is out. This 2FA secures your account and generates a random number each time you log in. We use our own security application to provide maximum feedback to users and secure them and the platform without intermediaries. …

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Based on the feedback of the community we have decided not to proceed with further token sales after the current ICO ends as had been previously planned. Such decision will be beneficial for the community and key backers of the project. We will only issue tokens to our backers based on the current ICO sale period.

At the end of the first Token Sale day we collected more than 880 ETH. We would like to remind about 20% bonus until 12:00 pm New York time on the second day, October 12, and 10% bonus until 12:00 pm New York time, October 13. The Qvolta ICO ends on October 20, 2017.

To participate head to

Follow Qvolta’s story in social media:Telegram, Facebook, Twitter,BitcoinTalk



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