From the book to a whole new idea of crowdfunding game

Sometimes a good book can lead you to some new and big ideas. Especially if it is a Richard Branson’s autobiography. This is the story of Marius Rajeckas, cofounder and CVO of Qwin, and his idea to develop a next-gen platform for crowdfunding games. “I am a big fan of gaming. Almost a decade ago I got the idea to make a transparent platform for crowdfunding games. At that time I was reading a book of Richard Branson and it helped me to believe that everything could be done. So, I decided to move forward with the idea of the game that could offer such prizes most of us are just dreaming of”, — says Marius. 
In 2011 a first demo version called was launched. Unfortunately a project was soon stoped due to complicated bank requirements and huge marketing costs. 
“And then the magic happened. I realised that emerging blockchain technology and social media could help me to solve all the difficulties. I got in touch with my friend and former colleague Justinas Basalykas asking him to help me to revitalise my old idea. This is how Qwin was born”, — tells Marius.
As mentioned before, Qwin is a platform for crowdfunding auction games. These are special games of a new type, where participants cooperate in crowdfunding a prize while also competing with each other. The gameplay is done in complete confidentiality, thus making it fair by providing equal opportunities for all participants. All of this is made possible with the use of blockchain technologies, smart contracts and the native Qwin token. 
The platform will provide games with a wide variety of prizes from fancy gadgets to cool cars in the nearest future. 
“We are going to increase range of products and services significantly with the introduction of trusted third-party game organizers. All it needs now to become lively is your attention. Don’t hesitate, a demo version of Qwin has already started so let the games begin!” — sums up Marius.