Qwin goes international @ Blockshow Europe in Berlin

We are very excited to share that end of May Qwin attended Blockshow Europe in Berlin. It was the first time for Qwin to present itself at an event of such a scale for an audience of crypto enthusiasts.

“We had a chance to showcase our blockchain powered crowdfunding game to a number of crypto world icons and the idea of Qwin was welcomed enthusiastically. For example, Benny Giang (famous for his Crypto Kitties)took the time to discuss with us opportunities and threats of our Qwin project. Amongst other things Benny shared his invaluable insights on the blockchain technology and its usefulness for Qwin — the platformwhich should be viable not only within the crypto world but also far beyond”, — explains Justinas Basalykas, CEO of Qwin.

Moreover, the Qwinteam met many potential partners in Berlin. With the founders of Safein — a platform offering a complete KYC solution for businesses and a universal verified account for users — avenues were explored to integrate their one click registration solution on the Qwin platform.

First steps on the road to big wins. Stay tuned and let’s Qwin!