Image via Robert Armstrong, Jr.

This is simply it. What’s left out of it is the amazing fitness that you develop. The warrior friends and classmates, and the warrior ethos.

Yes. It’s warrior. It’s the lessons of violence to stop violence, and then escape. It’s developing the killer instinct, and the self-regulation to know when the threat is neutralized and you can stop and escape. It’s about looking out for other attackers, weapons of opportunity, and escape routes. Notice a trend there?

Yes, it’s ethos: discipline, courage, respect, dignity, self-confidence, endurance, integrity, and leadership. Imagine what your kids would be like if they had those qualities. What would your life look like with those qualities?

This is why this has become such a passion to me. It’s that combination of skills and ethos, and the fitness that at my age, I never thought I could have. I certainly wasn’t trending that way! My retirement goal is to earn my own black belt, and be certified to teach the entire Warrior Krav Maga program.

I practice at Robert Armstrong’s TaeKwonDo/Krav Maga at Ken’s Korner. If you want to try it on for size where you live, I would say take water and work out type clothes. You’ll sweat, get thirsty, work hard and maybe even hit stuff! You’ll feel what it means to get fit, and go home safe.

Stick around and all the rest can be yours.

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