Giving up on life

By Rafeed Rezwan

“Give up on smoking, it’ll kill you”

I’ve heard this more times than anything. But does anyone know why I smoke ? Has anyone ever thought that I might already be dead inside ?

We’re all living in a world where none of us matter to each other. The care that they show are all on the surface. Deep within everyone is empty. We don’t know the purpose of our lives. We all search for something, that we’ve never seen or heard of. Our souls lack peace. The society has no tranquility among its people. Our actions are inhumane and yet we fail to recognise that. Do we deserve to be called “HUMANS” ? Are we really much different than robots ?

Everyday many children are born, but little do these babies know that the world they’re entering is a living hell. They start to grow up with the love of their parents, which steadily decreases as time goes on. They face problems as they grow up, which they want to share with their families but their families are hardly ever there for them. While some children accept the cruelty of this world some can’t. They take up the path to end their horrendous lives. They take up suicide.

While some are brave enough to end their lives, there is another group who are extremely coward and are scared to die. So, the people take shelter under the roof of drugs. They try to forget their pain by intoxicating themselves. It’s more comfortable that way.

I myself happen to be one of these cowardly people. I faced problems which are way beyond my ability to be solved all alone and had no one to stand by my side. Our perspective on life is completely different than yours.

Will you still ask us to quit smoking ?

I wouldn’t if I was you.