Speculation based in logic is called a hypothesis, which is what I offered.
Ellie P.

I initially commented on one fallacious conclusion. Instead of accepting my well-intended correction to your flawed thought, you would rather dig a very deep hole of numerous fallacious conclusions. You’ve demonstrated beyond doubt that you prefer to opine based on beliefs rather than think logically based on facts.

I don’t have the time or the interest to pursue a discussion with a person who claims to be in search of truth while regurgitating alternative facts on which to base flawed arguments.

Further I’m totally uninterested in your poorly constructed defense of Hillary Clinton, the worst candidate to ever run for president. I’m absolutely certain that you have no idea what you’re writing about. That includes logic, hacking, “election machines,” Comey, Russia, fake news and politics. OTOH, I do. So if you don’t want to learn, be gone.

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