You read that article and you still fail to understand why African-Americans don’t identify as American first? And you want to lecture on assimilation? That’s mighty white of ya!
Soooo…I read your response…and then I read the article you provided in the link, and I was baffled…
Amber Lisa

Okay, here’s my lecture for you.

The author of the post to which I replied about being American first is the one who recommended my reply. In her mind, it wasn’t a lecture.

You OTOH, come back with a snarky mighty white of ya! remark. Sadly, you will likely die with this mentality.

None of us picked our parents. This is one of the few things we all know. We can ignore our differences and come together as Americans. If we don’t, eventually it will tear the country apart.

Amber: But it’s pretty pointless if you don’t leave the country or interact with nonAmericans.

Nope. We need to come together. End of lecture.

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