I was pointing out that GWB was NOTHING like Stalin, the USSR and Putin and that the CIA, bad as it is, is NOTHING like the KGB.
I was pointing out that GWB was NOTHING like Stalin, the USSR and Putin and that the CIA, bad as it…
Susan Brassfield Cogan

Smearing President Trump

So like I said, conflation.

And really, you know nothing about what the CIA does so you oughta get informed before you write about it. There are numerous books available to educate yourself, if you ever decide to read some non-fiction instead of just writing fiction. The one I’ve suggested to you offers a condensed description of many (but nowhere near all) of their activities.

Yeah, you have anything to back that up?

You first.

I just figured out how that quotation mark icon works.

President Pussy-Grabber hasn’t given us a view of his morality? The man isn’t even a liar.

Yes he is. Most presidents have been liars. Most people lie. It’s not significant. He’s easily the best bullshitter to hold the office. We all expect that now. Just shows how good he is at it.

Now, I don’t like to be put into a position of defending Trump, but since you are disrespecting the president with BS Hillary labels, I guess I need to explain the obvious to you. You offered one example of what in your judgment is Trump’s disrespect for women. But it didn’t. This example serves as another of the lies that Hillary and the MSM used to slime him. I wasn’t fooled. Anyone with your intelligence should not have been either. It was much like his statement that he could get away with shooting someone in Times Square. He never should have apologized for it.

I watched that video and listened to that recording numerous times. It was on TV over and over in the week following it’s discovery. Billy Bush lost his job over it. But people like you won’t admit how disingenuous your smear is.

Obviously Trump didn’t help his cause much by referring to it as locker room talk but that, in fact, was a more accurate description than that which gained all the publicity. The bias you’ve accepted is shown in your ad hominem. Just add Pussy-Grabber to racist, misogynist, xenophobe, etc. and you have Hillary’s entire electoral strategy. It was the most vile smear campaign I’ve ever seen, and Trump didn’t make it that way.

Did Trump do as you imply by assigning the Pussy-Grabber label to him? No, he did not. Millions of women voters understand that he did not do or say that.

What he was stating, quite clearly, was that he was stunned at how he had been treated since becoming a famous TV star (2005). Previously, he had had fame and fortune, but the real rock star-like fame came with The Apprentice. He was marveling in disbelief that women were throwing themselves at him because of his newfound stardom. He jokingly and hyperbolically stated that it was as if he could get away with grabbing them by the pussy. He was doing so in what he obviously thought was a private conversation, while someone was surreptitiously recording him.

If you don’t understand that you may not be as smart as I’ve given you credit for being. More likely, you just want to use it against him politically. The way Hillary and the MSM portrayed it was that he not only said it, but actually did it, or suggested it was appropriate. That was a total intentional misrepresentation.

Go ahead and give me another smear against him. I think I’m familiar with all of them. They seem to be very similar. So judgmental are holier than thou liberals. The PC Police just couldn’t tolerate Trump’s rhetoric. He had many policy flaws, but they were ignored in order to focus on fabricated character flaws. How can people not see the intolerance they display when assaulting a man unfairly for BS character flaws to win an election?

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