GSoC 2018 : Introduction to Built-in Reports module — week 1 [May 14,2018 — May 21, 2018]

Yes, We finished the 1st week of coding period. This is the time to share my progress what I had done in the 1st week of GSoC 2018. First, I like to give a small description of my project. I am working on the project built-in reports module for the Google Summer of Code under OpenMRS. This project was initiated by Jude Niroshan in last year GSoC (2017).

OpenMRS is an open source platform to develop software to support the health care in developing countries. In OpenMRS, information should be stored in an easy way to summarize and analyze that means to minimize the text and use the coded information at maximum level. The motto of OpenMRS “Write code Save lives” inspire me to work for OpenMRS in this summer through GSoC 2018.

I am working under the guidance of Rafal Korytkowski and Kaweesi Joseph. I have my first call with mentors on 11th of May. In the call, we discuss the basic things of the project and discuss the objectives too. That was an exciting moment for me.

In my 1st week of coding period, first I asked the openMRS helpdesk to create a JIRA project for this module. Then according to the Rafal’s advice, I skip the first objective about creating a new module for OpenMRS common styling in reactJS. So I started to work on the next objective, In List of Diagnosis report, once a table row is being clicked, it should redirect to a new view which shows the patients who were recorded as this disease was affected. It should also display the severity of this disease spread within the clinical environment. Compared to the other disease numbers.

I started to work on the Diagnosis report part. I have explored the existing changes done by Jude Niroshan in the reference meta-data module, reporting module, reporting rest module, and build-in-reports OWA. I worked on the Diagnosis report section to create a new report for Patient Report for a selected Diagnosis. I was able to create a new report as “Patient List for a Diagnosis” and I could get the view in built-in-reports OWA.

2nd Week of GSoC started! Stay tuned. I share my experience with GSoC 2018 every week through my blogs. !!