GSoC 2018 : Introduction to Built-in Reports module — week 2[May 21,2018 — May 27, 2018]

We successfully completed our second week of coding!. When I compare my second week with the previous one, I didn’t spend much time on my works of GSoC since I have my semester examination. But I had managed my time with the works.

My mentor advised me to do some modifications on my works I did in last week. Like, Add an “Identifier” column with patient primary identifier and a link to a patient dashboard, Change Encounter Date to “Last encounter date”. I did that too.

Then, I started to working on the next objective “ New patient Registrations view and Number of patient registrations view , bar chart should have flexibility to change the view, Like, see by dates, by weeks, by months etc” last week. While working on that, I found some bugs in the existing reports and the queries which displayed some duplicate data in the tables due to the grouping problem.

And I started working on the New patient Registrations reports to change the view depend on the selection. I sent two PRs too. This is the progress of my second week. Meet you again on my third week progress blog!!!