GSoC 2018: Week 10[July 16, 2018 — July 22, 2018]

During the 9th work I started working on the objective “List of Providers, once the user clicks on a row in the table, user should be able to see more detailed page about the provider”. I finished this task on the 10th week of the GSoC 2018.

RA-1514 , BIR-11 — This PR contains the implementation for the Patients who worked with Providers report for given Provider id, Provider Information and top 10 patient information who was recently worked with this provider.

These are the features added in the above mentioned objective.

  1. Provider Information in the header (Full name, role, and when created)
  2. Top 10 patient information who was recently worked with this provider
  3. Link to the patient dashboard from the patient list (Just need to click the row to goto the patient dashboard)
  4. Usual bar chart in the bottom of the report (Count of patients vs date)

Following images shows the improvement,

And, According to my mentor’s suggestion on my mid term presentation, I worked on the number of admission report and made few changes. The changes are :

  • Removed the location selector from the report
  • Added Total Count to the bottom of the table.

Following images show the above mentioned changes in the Number of Admission report.