GSoC 2018 : Week 4 [ June 4, 2018 — June 10, 2018]

We are on our 4th week of GSoC. It was a hard time for me because I didn’t spend much time in the 4th week because of my university semester examinations. It took this entire week and I haven’t enough time to work with my project last week. I told my exam schedule to my mentor and my mentor said to finish all the missing tasks as soon as possible after the examinations. I want to say a great thanks to my mentor to understood my situations and support me during the past week.

But, I regularly have a look at others work and spent little time on OpenMRS talk. And I spent little time on my project too. I worked and tested the RA-1501 and BIR-3.

After the examinations, I want to work hard to complete all the missing tasks quickly and I want to start other objectives too. I hope I can spend my whole semester vacation to work on my project and finish all the tasks as soon as possible.