GSoC 2018 : Week 5[ June 11, 2018 — June 17, 2018]

I am excited!. I passed in first evaluation. Yes! We finished our first evaluation. My mentor give me a positive opinion and he told me to update my daily progress as I was not active during my exam periods( Third and fourth week).

During the 5th week, I completed some tasks:

  • BIR-3 : HashRouter added to the module instead of BrowserRouter
  • BIR-4 : Add Number of Registration for all Locations to the Module
  • BIR-5 : Added implementation to change the view of the bar chart
  • RA-1501 : Added Number of Registrations for all locations Report

And I planned to start the next objective, “Number of Admissions/Discharges/Transfers views should have to changed in way to provide more information to the user”.