Second Evaluations

GSoC 2018: Week 9[July 9, 2018 — July 15, 2018]

Last week was our second evaluation period of the Google Summer of Code 2018. We need to submit the video presentation about our project and it’s information and demonstration in order to pass the second evaluation. I attach my video presentation here,

And I I have already started to work on the following task, List of Providers, once the user clicks on a row in the table, user should be able to see more detailed page about the provider. (Who created this provider? Which unit this provider is being assigned to work? Top 10 patients who was recently worked with this provider.)

This is similar to the Diagnosis report improvements which I done at very first time. So I thought to follow those conventions and elements to improve the List of Providers report also. These are the new elements which will be added into this report,

  1. Provider Information in the header
  2. Which unit this provider is being assigned to work
  3. Top 10 patient information who was recently worked with this provider
  4. Usual bar chart in the bottom of the report (Count of patients vs date)
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