Big news upcoming for Adel Ecosystem Ltd. and the Adelphoi coin — What can it be?

I have seen this tweet coming by a few days ago from Adel Ecosystem Ltd. telling that the new website is going live soon, but I have also noticed ‘Big news’ is being mentioned.

This can, in my opinion, mean several things.

What are some of the Possibilities?

Big Exchange will list Adelphoi ($ADL)

There have been several attempts by Adel and various community members towards Big Exchanges like Bittrex, Binance and Cryptopia to get Adelphoi listed. The requirements have been changed by the big Exchanges since the beginning of this year and good liquidity is one of them. 
The Adelphoi coin is in the search for more liquidity.
Is there going to be news about one of the Big exchanges listing ADL?

There is also the possibility that the Adel team has found another solution to gain more liquidity.

The first project in incubation phase is

Maybe there is some big news upcoming for this project. A live date, airdrop, I don’t know.

Collaboration to the next level

Another possibility is the release of the Collaboration module with the unique way of working supported by the I2, P2, E2 process. If this is true the 20+ projects awaiting incubation can start becoming incubated! Would be amazing to get that party started!

New Partnership

After the partnership with Jelurida there maybe is some other great partnership upcoming. Or some announcements regarding the upcoming Ardor Platform migration?

Gabriel Dusil was invited by Deloitte to give a presentation about Blockchain. Are they going to….

New team member

Beginning of this month Adel introduced Jessica Zartler as a very welcome addition to the team. She is mostly adding extra power to the Marketing initiatives.

Maybe another great person is joining Adel Ecosystem Ltd.?

Something else…?

In the first week of November Adel team is going to exhibit on the BETA Track at the Websummit in Lisbon. Is the upcoming announcement connected to that event?

What do you think is going to be announced?