Enter the Dragons’ Blockchain Den

I have always liked the tv program Dragon’s Den.
The show allows several entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of five wealthy investors, the “Dragons”, and pitch for financial investment while offering a stake of the company in return.

After watching the show i would always think of how i could pitch my idea to a group of investors.

A few obstacles

1. I need to have money of my own to invest.
2. I need a business plan, but thats not my expertise.
3. I need a team to help me improve my idea and to develop a prototype
4. I need help on my pitch, but no one in my surroundings has real experience with that.

These obstacles have made me put the idea(s) aside.

Reliving the Internet bubble

I know a guy that made alot of money selling his Internet company just before the bubble popped.
He had a great idea and stepped in and out at the right time.
I was 15 years old at the time so personally too young in mind, knowledge and not even talking about networks and budgets.

About 1,5 years ago i found out about blockchain technology and all the possibilities there.
So my idea engine has been started up again, just as easy as my 2006 Nissan that only needed a new battery to get it going again after not being triggered for a while.

However still the obstacles keep putting my ideas on a sidestep.
Not all of them are real issues anymore, but now i have stability and a family which makes it hard to take the plunge of being self-employed and invest money in the idea.

This ofcourse separates the real risk takers that go for the chances laying in front of them compared to the “normal” working force, that likes stability like myself.

Will there still be a big distance between the risk taker and the stability-woman/man that can’t or doesn’t want to take a risk in the new Technology space called Blockchain?

The search: blockchain universe

During my search in blockchain universe i have come across alot of blockchains and blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Stratis, Nxt, Ardor, Byteball which all have their own qualities and great future ahead.

The people behind them have so much experience, knowledge and make the new developments, security updates etcetera go super fast.
This makes it better to make use of their great technology and to create your projects on these platforms, rather than Building your own blockchain or Clone one. Take for example Ardor Platform and their Child Chains with built-in features. No need to worry about infrastructure and security, cause that will be arranged for you, thanks to the Ardor — Main Chain.

But how to create the ideas when obstacles like funding, development knowledge etcetera are still there? Who or what can offer me the help I am looking for? What is filling this Gap there is now between the Blockchain as a technology and the world adoption, where there are the people like me and/or businesses wanting to make use of the technology called Blockchain, but don’t have the skills, budget and/or knowledge?


Now there is a new project which I have found through the Nxt Community Slack and that one is called Adel. They are most probably the missing link the blockchain space needs to connect the world (businesses and people) to blockchain.

Why? They combine a decentralized community of members and their combined knowledge with an expert team, the incubator and blockchain as a technology. 
As Adel is the blockchain incubator, they don’t have their own blockchain, but are using one of the great (maybe unknown to some) blockchain platforms called Nxt and in Q1 2018 Ardor (migration ahead) for their community with features like voting, asset exchange etc. which are all built-in and secured by the blockchain and not by a third party, whatsoever.

Why they have chosen Nxt and not for example Ethereum or Bitcoin and will be migrating to Ardor is explained in their FAQ.

For the projects to be incubated (ideas from community members, businesses, Adel R&D team etc.) every blockchain that is best suitable for the job can be and will be used.

The first project for incubation that is announced is iFin.io and that is being build on the Ethereum blockchain, because flexible Smart Contracts are needed and this platform fits the job really well.

Other projects can for example land on blockchains like Stratis, Byteball, Bitcoin, Waves, Ardor or Lisk.

Same as the DAO or not?

Adel is a community-based blockchain incubator for startups, but it’s not anything like the DAO. The DAO was for example pure execution. 
Adel focusses on the full process from start to end.

“How does Adel differ from the DAO?…We don’t want to incubate projects which are illegal, immoral or unethical”
Gabriel Dusil at Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Stockholm, 7th September 2017

Real experienced business people founded Adel Ecosystem Ltd. in I think beginning of 2016 and are working on it ever since to lay a great foundation.
The team info can be found on their site

Settled in the Isle of Man, held the World’s 1st succesful 1st CTF AML, KYC Compliance ICO, which ended in 31st of May 2017 and has a total worth now of around 1.5 million EUR.

Still not much compared to the Ethereum ICO’s, but this will change in my opinion as more regulations will come.

Adel projects walk through three stages. I2, P2, E2 in which I want to focus on in a later article.

Adel Dragons

Now what does Adel has to do with the Dragon’s Den in the first part of this article?

Well you can become an Adel community member, help on ideas of others, bring in your own ideas, become an innovator, let your idea be reviewed, get help on business, marketing plans, finance etc. and pitch it to the Dragons.

The Dragons of Adel are, if I am correct, The community members + The Adel team.
Somewhat like BBC’s Dragons Den.

Every community member has a vote on ideas to be incubated, based on their stake in the cryptocurrency: Adelphoi ($ADL) and can for example buy into projects with the Adel Share Token (to be announced) where you get paid dividends based on their performance.

Whats next?

I will walk through the other parts of Adel in one of my next posts. For now all the important info about Adel is in their whitepapers, 11 pieces to make the reading easier.

My advice would be to check out the Adel project, even if you are not interested in blockchain technology as you don’t need to be well known in the blockchain tech to be able to participate.

Like every blockchain is welcome, every member and every specialism is. 
Their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC90BbGKzqnlqDUHgw0K7mhw

If you have some questions or want some parts of Adel to be focussed on in one of my next posts, let me know. Thanks in advance.

The chat of Adel: https://adel-signup.herokuapp.com

As full disclosure, I have invested in Adel’s ICO.